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Education for a Better Future

South Sudan has an adult literacy level of less than 25%. At primary school level, 84% of the teachers have primary school as their highest level of education while 16% have some exposure to secondary education or a higher degree. HDC recognizes the gap in education quality and access as a major challenge both as a humanitarian challenge and a development challenge. To develop equitable and quality education opportunities amongst refugees, returnees, and vulnerable host communities, HDC supports government efforts in the rural areas with a view to increasing the net enrolment rate to 65% by 2015. HDC is involved in the development of school facilities and infrastructure. 

To empower and mitigate school drop out of the girl child, we are also involved in advocacy to sensitize equitability in government regulations for and in schools. HDC supports teacher training through the provision of learning materials to disadvantaged schools. Further intervention will involve the development of teacher training institutions as well as advocacy in curriculum development to enhance sustainability systems in schools particularly in view of the fragile peace situation.

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Building Bridges Between Hosts and Refugees

Thursday December 10, 2015

On Dec 9, 2015, the people of Maban and members of a refugee population of 140,000 refugees from Republic of Sudan gathered at Bunj Secondary School to witness the graduation of 300 youths.

Maban: Constructed Primary Schools

Saturday June 27, 2015

HDC constructed three permanent primary schools for the host community in Maban.

Bor: School Renovation

Saturday June 27, 2015

HDC renovated and rehabilitated Malek Secondary School in Bor.

2.2 m
persons displaced across South Sudan since December 2013
HDC works in camps to provide food, shelter, livelihoods and protection services
The mission of HDC is to support vulnerable people affected by crises to attain dignified and prosperous lives through impactful community resilience and practical, innovative programs.
is honoured to partner with many organizations,
HDC is honoured to partner with
DanChurch Aid, CARE South Sudan, CARE Netherlands, Government of The Netherlands
HDC has been an
active national NGO in East Africa for ten-years
– a clear track record of strong commitment to the communities we serve.
Last year HDC
worked with over 30,000 people in need across South Sudan.
According to UNICEF, 72%
of children in South Sudan did not have access to school last year.
Today in South Sudan
less than 1% of girls will complete their education.
A girl in South Sudan
is 2X less likely to have access to education than a boy.
2.4 m
face severe food insecurity due to displacement and adverse climate
HDC supports improved resilience and productivity by distributing seeds, inputs and implements
of people in South Sudan have access to sanitation facilities
HDC constructs sanitary facilities and conducts advocacy interventions that endorse better hygiene practices
5.1 million people
are facing severe food insecurity today (IPC)
1.9 million people
are displaced in South Sudan (OCHA)
2 million
South Sudanese refugees (UNHCR)