Development Programs

Securing Livelihoods Through Peace

  • Focuses on the restoration of trade linkages between communities impacted by conflict through peacebuilding, economic capacity building and access to tools and supports;
  • A 3-year $3.5 million USD initiative to develop targeted economic clusters and provide peacebuilding support to overcome barriers to security and regional trade.

Rebuilding Farms, Rebuilding Trust

  • HDC’s locally designed agricultural initiative to rebuild capacity within the agricultural community in collaboration with international partners for technical support, capacity building and farmer-focused financing;
  • A multi-year agriculture development strategy that builds from incremental international funding support to full sustainability for the creation of an integrated capacity-building initiative with global funding and technical partners;
  • A focus on targeted crop development, farmer training, and livestock and fisheries development, all of which ties to the Market Access & Linking Initiative;
  • By Year 4 this is a self-sustaining program with the capacity to spread to a national initiative.

Seeds for the Future

  • HDC’s youth-led social enterprise initiative brings together an international mentorship program with locally delivered hands-on skills development, providing youth with new skills, a sustainable income, and a direct link to the local marketplace.

Building Skills, Building Hope

  • Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET);
  • Asking combatants to lay down their arms and resume life, with no skills, no employment, no financial security, is a next to impossible task;
  • As part of the deep connection to community, HDC will create a long-term TVET strategy through a 10-year national partnership with the GoSS and international technical and funding partners to begin targeted implementation of TVET Centres, coupled with Employment Centres, throughout South Sudan in priority areas.

WE Empower

  • HDC believes in the right and the need for women and girls to play strong roles in their communities. To this end, a series of programming initiatives has been established to drive an agenda of empowerment, economic security and access to education and leadership for all women in HDC’s geographic service delivery areas;
  • Tomorrow Now: HDC’s targeted investment in Girls Education through a scholarship fund that follows the participant all the way through their education. Girls can rely on the long-term financial, emotional and living supports from HDC under this program as they transition from conflict and displacement into the safety and security of a supportive educational environment. HDC is already delivering on this commitment in Kenya and will expand it to South Sudan and Somalia in 2018;
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative: An HDC initiative to increase financial autonomy and self determination in women-led households in South Sudan through skill-building and market access;
  • Through a three-year series of financial commitments from international partners, HDC will develop a Women’s Economic Empowerment project based on social enterprise principals, including a requirement that the project be financially self-sustaining in Year 3;
  • The project will bring together 240 participants in the first three years to develop a strong “Made in South Sudan” series of crafting projects that will focus on Fair Trade sales of goods into key international markets through an integrated linkage from HDC’s Development Division in North America, Europe and Asia.

HDC and UNMISS Construct Fish Market in Bor

Tuesday May 31, 2016

The heartbeat of a town is in its markets. When a town is in decline its anguish is most visible in the empty markets.

Upper Nile: Trained Farmer Groups

Sunday June 28, 2015

In Upper Nile State, HDC provided 75 refugee households in Malakal with vegetable seeds.

Panyagor: Livelihoods through Tailoring

Sunday June 28, 2015

Supported 25 women with tailoring machine for dressmaking.

2.2 m
persons displaced across South Sudan since December 2013
HDC works in camps to provide food, shelter, livelihoods and protection services
The mission of HDC is to support vulnerable people affected by crises to attain dignified and prosperous lives through impactful community resilience and practical, innovative programs.
is honoured to partner with many organizations,
HDC is honoured to partner with
DanChurch Aid, CARE South Sudan, CARE Netherlands, Government of The Netherlands
HDC has been an
active national NGO in East Africa for ten-years
– a clear track record of strong commitment to the communities we serve.
Last year HDC
worked with over 30,000 people in need across South Sudan.
According to UNICEF, 72%
of children in South Sudan did not have access to school last year.
Today in South Sudan
less than 1% of girls will complete their education.
A girl in South Sudan
is 2X less likely to have access to education than a boy.
2.4 m
face severe food insecurity due to displacement and adverse climate
HDC supports improved resilience and productivity by distributing seeds, inputs and implements
of people in South Sudan have access to sanitation facilities
HDC constructs sanitary facilities and conducts advocacy interventions that endorse better hygiene practices
5.1 million people
are facing severe food insecurity today (IPC)
1.9 million people
are displaced in South Sudan (OCHA)
2 million
South Sudanese refugees (UNHCR)