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Protection and Gender Mainstreaming

We advocate for social protection policies and mainstreaming of gender issues with local authority institutions and national government ministries. Our inclusive programming approach also allows us to offer psychosocial related support to victims of sexual and gender-based violence. These interventions increase autonomy and self-determination among women and girls, allowing them to be in control of issues affecting them.
HDC also undertakes development issues aimed at women-centered capacity building including the provision of seed grants to women-owned businesses, economic empowerment projects, and social enterprise-focused initiatives. These increase financial autonomy and self-determination to women- led households through skill building and market access.

Public and reproductive health

We work in collaboration with domestic and international partners to progressively address and contribute to prevention of pandemic and sexually transmitted diseases, improvement of hygiene and sanitation through campaigns and interventions at the community level health service facilities. We provide training to community outreach health workers on reproductive health to support awareness and access to appropriate health services among vulnerable pregnant mothers, adolescent girls, children, youth and elderly. This community-based health workers capacity building enables rapid community response - especially in epidemic outbreaks – through access to technical expertise, tools, and a local network.